How Can An Ordinary Person Know Jesus ?

First: Pray.

Ask God that the Holy Spirit will give you understanding.


Read thoughtfully the Gospel of John (4th Book in the New Testament part of the Bible) and learn who Jesus is and what He said and why He came down to earth.

Third: Pray.

Ask God to expand your understanding.


Peruse the Book of Romans (6th N.T. Book) and begin to see your relationship with Him.

Fifth: Pray again.


Complete the New Testament and see how He came and more about relationships and what He says to us.

Seventh: Thank God for:

a. your understanding.

b. the gift of His Son, Jesus.

c. the opportunity to be saved and go to Heaven.

d. being there for you.


Turn your life over to Jesus. Go back to the Book of Romans and follow the road to salvation; Romans 3:23; 6:23; 5:8; 10:9; and 8:1 - then rejoice and begin attending a Bible believing church.