Your Bible is a Treasure!


Books are boats loaded with cargoes of ideas, the most valuable goods and vital wealth in the world.  Books are the fossilized brains of thinkers who may be gone.


Words, the first and oldest human invention, are still the most magical things in the world., incomparably surpassing all our modern wonders.  A single word may diffuse ideas around the world, compel multitudes to think and act together, and shape the history of coming centuries.  The scepters of kings and emperors are puny playthings compared with these magic wands.


Books are battalions of words and, of all the books in the world, the Bible is incomparably the greatest and best.  Historian and Psalmist, prophet and poet, emblazoned its pages with pictures of the march of God through time.


No other book is so varied and picturesque and colorful, so surcharged and saturated with the distilled essence of human nature.  It can never pass out of human interest and become obsolete, any more than can the majesty of mountains and the mystery of the sea, the beauty of the Parthenon, the plays of Shakespeare, or the soul of Lincoln.


The New Testament is the best part of this greatest and best book.  The New is the blossom and fruit of which the Old is the root.  It is a profound book in whose depths scholars may lose them- selves, and yet it is a popular book and the common people read it gladly.  So realistic is the picture that Jesus seems to step right out of these pages into our homes and streets and marts and all of our ;life.


There is vastly more light to break out of this book.  Countless seeds and innumerable harvests yet slumber in its soil.


                                                     Try   it,   youíll   like    it;


Note: Most of the words in this article represent a selection of phrases, sentences and ideas from a book I once read.  It was like picking succulent plums from a tree.  I donít remember who penned these marvelous words; but, I thought I would share them with youí God surely blessed that person with a gift of words.  Although I wish that the words were mine, my main wish is that the readers of these words take them and the Bible into their hearts.                       J.R. Fortier