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A Biblical perspective of Family

Family is the oldest and most fundamental human institution established by God from the beginning. As children of God it is necessary that we understand the biblical blueprints for building a godly home.

The blueprints for building a solid blessed marriage and family life are recorded by the Holy Sprit in the Bible. To maintain a healthy family life, one must follow these principles God has established in a spirit of humility and obedience. These Biblical principles for marriage and family life transcend time and culture.

God is the originator of the family. God established it in His inaugural act of the marriage between the first man and the woman.

God has created man in His own image and likeness and gave him dominion over all his creation. God knew that it is not good for man to be alone, so He made a help mate for him. God blessed them and instructed them to be fruitful and multiply and subdue the earth. He gave them instructions to serve as stewards of His creation. The eternal purpose God made man and was to bear His likeness and thereby reveal His glory and honor by forming the spiritual, emotional, physical, and economic foundation for individuals, church, and society.

By Wisdom a house is build, and by understanding it is established, and by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches. Home and the concept of family is God's original and primary means of producing Godly offspring and passing on godly values from generation to generation. It is at home that children see manhood and womanhood and that is where the character of Children is developed. It is at home that moral values are taught by parents and placed into the hearts of children. It is at home that the children see the reality of a life and establish a relationship with Jesus Christ. It is at home that people learn to live out their convictions.

To be a blessed family, it should be rooted in the word of God and abide in Him. Godís words encourage us to invest on heavenly treasures and consider eternal value of our lives. Christians identify themselves as children who belong to the family of God. He demonstrated his responsibility as a father to his children through His life, love and sacrifice. A perfect example for us to follow. Parents have been given the responsibility to protect their children and keeping the family safe. But they cannot do it alone. Each member is a doorway an entrance to everyone's lives. Godís goodness is His inherent moral perfection and His wonderful generosity to all His special creation. God is good and does good to all.

During the latter half of the twentieth century the western culture has suffered an unrelenting decline in moral and family life. Although scientific and technological advances led to prosperity and progress, moral values and convictions of people all over have rapidly crumbled. Thee western world once, based their sense of right and wrong on Biblical values and principles, which provided them with a solid, biblical foundation for life. Today, a very majority of the modern generation view morality and ethics as relative and subjective and have developed their own version of morality with little regard to biblical principles.

Many people today have little or no concept of how to maintain a successful marriage lead a successful family life. A growing number of educators, politicians, and the media are trying to redefine the biblical definition family. Many came to the realization lately, in light of unexpected, unexplainable tragedies, realized that that family and family values are important, but the their positive view towards moral relativism has lead them to redefined the meaning of family values. Christ is the foundation of the family, the family the backbone of the church and of society thereby the strength of the nation. History revealed that, if any society wants to survive, it must uphold, strengthen, and continue to build upon the biblical mandates of marriage and family.

To be a blessing as a family we need to mature spiritually day by day. Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you how to follow. Give him control over your life and your family and he will reveal to you the will of God, step by step. He will bring you to maturity. Put God first in your life, take time to know that God is good (Psalm 46:10). Life is not always easy, but thankfully God is on our side. You may have to go through rough roads to reach the goal. God will work out your difficulties for your good, if you trust Him. He leads us for the easy way as well as the difficult things we encounter. He empowers us with the Holy Spirit to run the race and finish the course with victory. Donít run from your problems, face them head on. You will win if you wont quit.

The biblical principle and wisdom will lead us to rewarding results at home, in the family and finally the heavenly home, which God is preparing for us. We are His children, members of that glorious family of God. Let us be examples as he has demonstrated through His life to bring others into His family through a personal relationship with His Son.

Dr. Sam M. George.