Kings Of The East
A Prophecy-related Article by RAJAN THOMAS, BAHRAIN

" IT WILL BE ASIA'S CENTURY" -  The title is not mine. That's of Dr.P.C.Alexander, renowned statesman and global political analyst - an asset to the Indian Administration. Here is an excerpt from one of his articles in the August issue of "Bhavan's Journal".

" The only question that remains is whether the two giants of Asia, China and India, will demonstrate their strength and will to get out of their cages and fulfill the historic destiny which their size and resources give them to become the economic superpowers of the world. My surmise is that they will, and the 21st century will become the century Of Asia."

Asia with her literal meaning " far off lands" had been virtually away to the Greeks, Romans and then to Europeans and Americans, both in distance and development until the first half of last century. Almost all developing nations are still part of Asia.

However, the second half of 20th century witnessed a very wholesome revival in the continent, politically as well as economically. Asia's two major make-ups, China and India, are very popular for their population explosion, phenomena that stood as a stumbling block towards development for centuries. 

The political, economical and sociological developments happened in the Asian countries from the second half of 20th century has been quite rapid and progressive comparing to the past centuries. 

Japan became one of the economic giants as one of the most advanced industrial nation who are very fast in applying science and technology. The never ending flow of oil in the Middle East since the discovery of oil during 1930s made the Arabs so rich in that the usage "Camel to Cadillac" became quite realistic in their day-to-day life.

China through its many means of concentrated planning became one of the best users of her human resources and today is in its forefront in export, though have been slow to be exposed much to the international society. Defined well is their defense system towards which America and European Union respond bit fearfully. Such fear was reflected in one of the speeches of the American President George Bush on China as he stated " China is rising, not as a partner in regional strategy, but as rival". China's population explosion is a disguised blessing to their defense system.

India, though has been slow in their rural developments, as she is in her second half of the first century of independence, stands as a rapidly developing nation. Bharat had been renowned for her intellectualism since time past. Such intellectualism applied in the modern technology, especially in the line of Information technology and telecommunications, made her to stand in the frontline of developing nations. Today, western nations depend much on India's blue chip cities for their IT developments. This trend was reflected when President Clinton took time to visit Hyderabad, India's hub of blue chip, during his visit to India.

Defense wise, the sub-continent has a very strategic position. As a prominent member of the nuclear club since 1974, her Atomic defense power is so strong towards which her neighbors always express unhappiness and interpret as regional threat. However, her policies so far to utilize it for peaceful missions are promising, yet America and Europe view India's such fast developments in a bit suspicious manner. Moreover, the recent visit of Aerial Sharon, the Israeli President, to New Delhi spreads waves of doubts. Israel in the past offered to India services to curb its border problems created by Pakistan. 

China and India, the two giants of Asia, had several indifferences out of painful injuries inflicted in their past relationship. The Indo-Sino war staged in 1961 had been a violation of a peaceful pact and of a deceitful confederacy in that India lost so much including the vigor ness of her tiger statesman Jawharlal Nehru. 

However, recent developments are promising towards a healthy relationship between these giants of Asia. Diplomatic missions were reinstated and signs of co-operation have been in view by the end of last millennium. Also improved trade and travel, of course, as part of economic globalization. 

China volunteered in proposing a 'Security Dialogue Mechanism" to discuss regional strategic affairs as well as foreign policies to improve mutual relationships. The motivation she had behind such proposal is to avoid America's interference in the Continent.

Moreover, Russia also proposed for a Tri-nation confederation as India and China at two sides and Russia in its apex. She desired the proposal as a co-operation of 300 crores of people.

All these developments declares the improvements in relationship between the two once enemies, which would serve as an extra ingredient in the rise of Asia as a superpower.

Thus, unified alignment of China's manpower, India's intellectual potentialities and Japan's fast growing economy can very well pave way for Asia to become an Eastern superpower.

Yes, I agree with global political analysts such as Dr.P.C.Alexander " 21st century will become the century of Asia".

Is it my cup of tea to have the above analysis done? Answer may be no. But as a student of Biblical prophecies, without weaving up assumptions, I do believe that such developments have relevance to the yet to be fulfilled predictions of the Word of God.

It was foretold in the of the Bible that Asia (Kings of the East) shall rise up towards the end times and be involved in the final world wars. 

Read Daniel Chapter 11: 44 " But news from the east shall trouble him". Four stages of final wars or War of Armageddon as called in the Book of Revelation is being predicted right from verse 40 wherein the indication of its time is given as "at the time of the end". "At the time of the end" is synonymous to " Day of the Lord" or " Time of Jacob's Trouble" or the period of "Great tribulation" as mentioned in various other portions of the Word of God.

The predictions in the above verses are that while the "King of the North" (The Russian Confederation) shall unleash a massive attack to Egypt and Holy Land, they would receive war intelligence news that the King of East is marching towards the Holy Land.

Take a map, from the position of Egypt just draw a line towards east. You will, of course, reach at Asia (India, China, Japan, etc. through Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc.) So the " news of the east" as mentioned in verse 44 is the news from Asia. And such news shall create real "trouble" to such army mobilizations led by Russia. Thus the prophecy revealed some 2500 years ago sheds light towards the rise an Eastern or Asian superpower by the time of the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This information is further revealed in the Bible in the Book of Revelation 9: 13 to 16 about 2000 years before. " Then the sixth angel sounded and I heard a voice from the four horns of the golden altar which is before God, saying to the sixth angel who had trumpet, "Release the four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates. So the four angels, who had been prepared for the hour and day and month and year, were released to kill a third of mankind. Now the number of the army of the horsemen was two hundred million; I heard the number of them"

Of course, Revelation 6 to 19 deals with the same Great tribulation period or " the time of end" as viewed by Daniel. Here John the seer was shown as to how 200 million horsemen (Army) arrived at the banks of River Euphrates of Iraq. 

From where these Army marched towards River Euphrates and to where they are heading to? Read Revelation 16: 12 " Then the sixth angel poured out his bowl on the river Euphrates, and its water was dried up, so the way of kings from the east might be prepared". They are the Army from the 'Kings of the East" or Asia as we have analyzed. Therefore, the prophecies in view are 200 million of Army sent by the yet to be risen Eastern superpower marched and are ready to cross River Euphrates. 

Where are they heading for? Of course, to participate in the great war of Armageddon. For centuries, these prophecies remained as a mockery before the men who always tried to criticize the Word of God, especially the revealed prophecies. Two Hundred million of Army? Throughout the centuries since these predictions revealed, to have 200 million of Army could not be imagined when proportioned it with the population statistics time to time.

However, as the world draw nigh further towards the fulfillment date of these predictions, signs to have 200 million of Army from the East are not impossibility at all. One piece of news item published back in April 28, 1964 through the Associate Press revealed that, during the sixties itself Red China herself had more than 200 million Army power. If so, how it would be today? And if joined by other nations of Asia as an Eastern superpower, the possibility to send 200 Army men towards the Holy Land, as foretold in the Word of God, is not at all a problem. Do you agree with me?

200 million horsemen are the artillery and cavalry of Eastern superpower, not the Air force. How they would march towards Iraq to reach the banks of River Euphrates as seen the prophecy?
During 70s, India discovered that China's 12000 Army men involved in the building of a highway at Himalayas towards the west and made a complaint that the project would end up as a regional threat to her. This highway would facilitate to reach Afghanistan through Tibet, Kashimir, and then through Iran at River Euphrates of Iraq.

Recently also I read that another similar highway was proposed to reach Turkey through the same route.  Even without any basic knowledge on such pieces of prophecies, men are constructing highways, and I do believe that the region is prepared for the march of 200 million Army from the Asian superpower towards River Euphrates.

All right, somehow the 200 million Army reached at the banks of river Euphrates, but how they would cross the great river? The Word of God says in Revelation 16:2 that the " water was dried up". This never worked with men who could not honor the incidents such as River Jordan dried up during Exodus. Yes, God can work supernaturally, but the position today is that the River Euphrates could be dried up even artificially. During 1980s, with the help of USSR, Iraq built a dam across Euphrates and with its shutters closed the River can be dried up easily within hours. Yes, the River Euphrates can be literally dried up as prophesied in Rev. 16:12.

Where to the Oriental Army march through River Euphrates? To the valley of Megiddo to join another 100 million Army from Arab Confederation, Russian Confederation and European Confederation as states in Daniel 11: 40 to 45 (These Confederations are defined and explained in my Malyalam book "Exhuvatham Azchaavattathintey Padivathilil")

As a whole, we receive light from the Bible that before the glorious appearance of Christ, Asia would be an Eastern Superpower. The current political scenarios in the Asian continent are heading towards those days.

To some extend, Dr.P.C.Alexander is right, but I do not know whether great statesmen like him knows that modern global political scenarios are reflected in the prophecies of the Bible while it tells the tale of redemption and salvation through Jesus Christ.

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